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Our Discussion Guide and Tool Kit – NOW AVAILABLE!

TOOL 20 Image 1 Academic NGO Researcher

The Rethinking Research Partnerships process involved a series of seminars/workshops bringing together a group of UK staff from INGOs and universities to explore and learn from their experiences in research partnerships. Two years on, and after a lot of discussion and analysis we have pulled together the insights and learnings into an exciting new publication: the ‘Rethinking Research Partnerships: discussion guide and toolkit’.


This publication is aimed at anyone thinking about, or already participating in, an academic-practitioner research collaboration; whether you are an academic or practitioner, or indeed a broker or funder of research partnerships. It raises the critical questions that should be considered within any research partnership. It provides different ways of exploring and analysing the external context and internal dynamics – linking the issue of who is participating and how, to the types of knowledge that are privileged and the types of evidence used, produced and valued in the partnership (you can read more on some of these issues in Chik Collin’s blog here). The guide offers ways of challenging traditional assumptions, and of creating space to ask how research processes could be designed, implemented, analysed and communicated in more inclusive ways with greater impact. The materials were produced collaboratively, and the guide itself is intended to be interactive, adaptable and useable in a variety of contexts. Continue reading